About Us

Memory Imprints is a joint venture of mother-and-daughter team Randa Dubnick and Heather Dubnick.

Self-Portrait With Self-Portrait (Oil Bar Painting Day 9)_1

Self-portrait by Randa Dubnick

Randa Dubnick is a writer, editor, and artist living in Beverly, Massachusetts. Follow her art blog at randiart.blogspot.com/ and view her website at www.randadubnick.com.


Sketch of My Daughter - Version 3

Sketch of My Daughter by Randa Dubnick

Heather Dubnick, also living in Beverly, Massachusetts, is a writer, editor, and genealogist with a passion for family history, photography, and book arts. Visit her publishing services site at www.heatherdubnick.com and her genealogy blog at littleoakblog.wordpress.com.