Family Photo Pendant

Family Photo Pendant on a Ribbon Necklace

This ribbon necklace features a pendant that I created, using a family photo, fabric, and ribbon.  The pendant is attached to the ribbon necklace with jump rings.  I made this necklace for myself, but it is an example of something that I can make for other people, using one of their favorite photos.  The pendant could be used on a chain necklace, a charm bracelet, or even a pin.

The photo is an image of my parents. It is very small version of an larger image:

Evening Out (Posterized Photo)

Evening Out (Posterized Photo)

This double portrait of my parents was originally a black-and-white group photo. And the photo of my mother was not usable because she was blinking (she hated flash cameras) and her eyes were partially closed.  So to get the image you see here, I cropped the original photo to get an image of just my parents, and then used some digital pastel to modify my mom’s eyes and eliminate the partial blink. Then I added the soft color and texture.

This is an example of how a photograph can be rescued and how it can be made into a keepsake.

Images by Randa Dubnick; all rights reserved.