Decoupage Box (Mom Reading a Letter)


This is a keepsake box that I made recently. This hand painted box is decorated with a photographic image and a ribbon border.  The image is a picture of my mother reading a letter. When I first came across this photo, it was a small black-and-white snapshot, out of focus, and scratched up.

Mom Reading a Letter

But I loved this image of my mother in the 1940’s, probably reading a letter from my dad, who was overseas. So I used some digital tools to rescue the snapshot.

Mom Reading a Letter (Rescued Snapshot)

Then I had fun adding color, drawing from imagination and memory.

Mom Reading a Letter (Posterized and Rescued Snapshot) - Version 2

The best part about doing a project like this is that it makes me feel as though I am spending time with my mother, even though she has been gone for 30 years now.

Randa Dubnick

Images by Randa Dubnick

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