Colorful Memories


This is a Memory Imprints project that I recently completed.  I started with two photos sent to me by the clients. These were well-loved photos, but the color was quite faded.  The clients asked me to add color, and then mount the photos on jute board. I started by scanning the images into the computer, and got to work. After some basic retouching, I made the two photos the same size so they would look good together. Then I used Painter’s digital pastel to “hand-paint” the color back into the photos.  Once I knew that the clients were happy with the color, I printed the images.  Then I mounted them on some canvas boards that I had covered with jute, painted front and back with an “earthy” blue-green.  I added these wooden stands for easy display.

Here is what the original photos looked like:
Manheim Photo 1 - Version 2









Manheim Photo 2 Edited