Now Offering Gift Certificates!

Need a Mother’s Day gift for Mom? We can help!

We’re excited to announce that we are now offering gift certificates, and for a limited time, we are offering specials on some of our services, listed below.

Custom gift certificates are also available if you have a specific service or number of coaching hours in mind, including larger projects. Contact us here to place an order!

$500 for a 50-page tribute booklet (personal text and photos provided by you or by gift recipient; includes 5 hours of editorial services and 1 bound copy; additional copies, special binding, and any editorial services beyond 5 hours subject to additional charges)*

$200 for a personal painted portrait, in acrylic paint on canvas board (of 1 person or pet, based on a photograph)*

$200 for 5 hours of genealogy coaching/consultation*

$200 for 5 hours working with a family history writing coach*

$200 for 5 hours of photo organization**

$50 for a custom-made photo art heirloom*

Note: Scheduling of services will be determined once the gift certificate is redeemed.

*Available remotely. Shipping costs not included.

**Only available within the Greater Boston Area.


Editorial Services for Family Histories

Memory Imprints offers editorial services to help write and self-publish your family history.  Our services include assistance with writing, editing, formatting, proofreading, and indexing as well as book shepherding through the production process for self-publishers.

We are offering a special 10% discount off of all services booked by March 15, 2019. Availability is limited, so book now!

Free Drop-In Make-Your-Own-Mother’s-Day-Gift Event During Open Studios on May 13th!

Thinking of dropping by Open Studios at Porter Mill on May 13 (the day before Mother’s Day)? Bring a small (2″x3″ or smaller) copy of your favorite snapshot to our studio on the 4th floor (95 Rantoul St., Beverly, MA, Studio 4-1), and we’ll help you hand-make a photo-art gift for your mom! Instructions and supplies are free, on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited, so we encourage you to sign up below.  Refreshments will be served and other gifts (scarves, handmade jewelry, artwork) and cards will also be available for sale.


*Supplies subject to availability. Image is only an example and does not necessarily represent the supplies available during the event.

To sign up, please send us a message below:

Pre-Mother’s Day Randiart Jewelry Sale at Open Studios. One Day Only! May 13th

Looking for a handmade, one-of-a-kind gift for your mom for Mother’s Day? Come to our Open Studio event at Porter Mill (95 Rantoul St., Beverly, MA, Studio 4-1 (4th floor)) and enjoy 50% off all Randiart jewelry sales!

Mother’s Day cards and other gifts will also be available. Sale applies to jewelry only.

More samples of Randi’s jewelry can be found at her Etsy site.




The house in Colorado where 4 generations of my mother’s family lived. Digitally edited by Randa Dubnick

Today marks the end of an era for my family. My great aunt and her children and grandchildren are moving from Denver to Pikesville, Maryland. My great aunt is 97 years old, and though she’s traveled, this is her first time residing outside of Colorado. I’m very happy to have them closer by, and I still have many cousins (probably some I don’t even know about) in Colorado, but my great aunt’s relocation represents the complete disappearance of a fantasy that I have had of Colorado as my home state—of being from and perhaps someday returning to Colorado, where three generations of my family (including me and my brother) were born, where several branches of that family resided when they first came to the United States from Eastern Europe, and where the Brooklynites in the family (on my father’s side and my maternal grandfather’s side) eventually succumbed, at least for a time, to a Coloradan existence.

I didn’t actually live in Colorado for very long; we moved to Emporia, Kansas, when I was about four years old, and then later to Chicago, and then back to Lawrence, Kansas, where we stayed for about a decade. Until I was about 12 years old, we returned to Colorado every summer and some times during winter break. Those trips were the highlights and happiest times of my childhood, and not least because I had a large extended family there. After my grandmother died in 1984 and then my grandfather died in 1994, those trips dwindled, although I have been back to visit on occasion. For a long time, I had hoped to move back to Colorado someday, and that might still happen, although it seems unlikely at the moment. But I’m sure I’ll be back to visit.

The maternal and paternal branches of my family have often seemed just as at odds culturally as they are distant geographically, as though the Colorado side and the New York side were polar opposites. In reality, my maternal grandfather and his sister both left Brooklyn for Pueblo, and my father’s family moved from Brooklyn to Pueblo when he was 13; in fact, my paternal grandfather is buried there. I’ve even discovered that one of my father’s second cousins, whom he had never met, happens to have been buried in the same cemetery as my maternal grandmother, near Denver. Some of my family came through Ellis Island, some through Galveston, but in my family history all roads seemed to lead to Colorado—at least for a time. Now almost everyone has left, heading back east or farther out west.

As for me, I have lived in Massachusetts for the past 18 years, twice as long as I’ve ever lived anywhere else, and though I still dread the long winters (talk about polar!), a recent discovery that a paternal great grandmother entered the U.S. through Boston with Chelsea, Massachusetts, as her destination means that I finally feel like perhaps I have some roots to explore here in New England, too, and perhaps through genealogical research my family history will take on a whole new dimension.


My brother and I at our grandparents’ house in Aurora. On the wall is a portrait of my grandfather. Note the “I Love You Colorado” t-shirts.

New England Authors Expo + New Logo

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a table at the New England Authors Expo on July 27, 2016, from 4-9 pm at the lovely Danversport Yacht Club on Rt. 62 in Danvers, Massachusetts. Information about the Expo is available here. We will be offering information about our services, various giveaways and goodies, and the chance to win a free portrait (of a person, animal, or house) by Randa Dubnick.

Also, check out our new logo!